Game On

Ozzies have been around a while now — 100 million sales and still blazing. Functional, durable and stylish, these killer sunglasses have proved to be hit with anyone hot on quality built to last. When we road-tested our new 2017 range, we wanted to say more about the hardcore tech stuff.

“Every pair of Ozzies boasts impact-proof polarized lenses housed in a hard-wearing wrap-around frame,” we said.

“They’re designed to knock out harmful UV rays while keeping your vision crystal clear. Stout rubber end tips complement the styling and offer all the functionality any sports and fitness enthusiasts could ever need.”

Our test guy looked us straight in the eye. “Will they shut out glare, show me the way ahead, and stay on my face while I throw myself around?”

“Yup,” we said, “gotta agree with that.”

Then our test guy ran off into the Sun and put his new Ozzies through their paces …

4 Reasons Why Ozzies ROCK!

  1. Polarized lenses protect your eyes and show you the way ahead.
  2. Lightweight, durable materials bring you functionality to stay the distance.
  3. Stylish frames hang in there with you and complement your sports gear, streetwear or look.
  4. Your active lifestyle rocks on performance edge, no messing … outdoor, urban & social.

Right now, OZZIES nail your active lifestyle options 3 ways good …

OZZIE Outdoor loves rugged terrain and rough handling.
Whatever limits you push yourself to reach, your Ozzies will stay with you, delivering on performance.

Ozzies are no quitters.

OZZIE Urban loves the city vibe and goes wherever you roll.
However you want to cut through, your Ozzies keep your horizon firmly in your sights.

Ozzies are no lightweights.

OZZIE Social loves chilling and good times.
Party time starts with Ozzies, and when you share to social media, the Likes keep on coming.

Ozzies are no wallflowers.

Want To Feast Your Eyes On Our Sunglasses?

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Vision Drives Performance

Whether you’re a weekend trailblazer or a professional elite athlete, your vision plays a vital role in your performance.
Coordination, concentration, balance and accuracy all depend on clear vision for optimum results.
Ozzies deliver a cutting edge to your vision and drives your performance to the max.

Straight Talk. Bottom Line. Listen Up.

Bottom line is … sunglasses only exist because of GLARE. If Sun and snow and floodlights weren’t so IN YOUR FACE, your eyes alone would be enough to power you through on all your active adventures.

Your biggest glare problem is the Sun.

The science is out there and it pulls no punches: UV rays burn skin and damage eyes.

Solid protection turns this around — which is why every pair of Ozzies packs a polarized shield to protect your vision and keep your eyes healthy. Remember also … your adventures might be dangerous! The clear vision Ozzies deliver brings you performance with a surer step and reduces the risk of accidents that keep you out of the game.