Game On for Your Active Lifestyle

You’re here because you love adventures.

You know first hand how vision affects your performance … and you seek quality Eyewear to deliver on the lifestyle that fires you up. Whether you’re blazing a trail through the wilderness, hotfooting your way through the urban jungle or chasing the good times with your tribe, Ozzie Eyewear fixes the vision and performance deal. Ozzies combine hard-wearing materials with optimal design so our polarized lenses power along with you and keep adventure firmly in the frame.

Best part? Ozzies pack style as well as hardcore functionality … and they look great.

Ozzie Outdoor

Mountains, dirt tracks, offroading, assault courses, free running, archery, cycling …

Game On!

Ozzie Urban

Street cycling, skateboards, parkour, BMX, obstacle racing, marathon running …

Game On!

Ozzie Social

Good times, chilling, hanging out, dancing, parties, clubs, fun …

Game On!


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